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With Great Anticipation

With the start of the new tv-series “Star Trek Discovery” only 5 days away for “the rest of the world” (the USA can watch it a day earlier on the small screen), the anticipation reached its peak height. To be honest; Perhaps this is the most beautiful moment. With trailers and pictures hitting the internet for months now, we are in the twilight zone between knowing and not knowing.

Star Trek as an tv-series has been in the twilight zone for for quite some time after the cancellation of Star Trek Enterprise in 2005. Of Course the franchise got an movie revival in 2009 with the JJ Abrams movie “Star Trek” reinventing the original series of the sixties. But even so; Star Trek became almost Schrödinger’s cat, not knowing it were even alive.

I remembered the first episode of a brand new Star Trek series I saw in 1995, Star Trek Voyager. Mainly contributing to the incredible joy of watching a new Star Trek series was the anticipation, the “buzz” created in front of the new flagship. And, when watching it just the first time,  the wave of strange new words, new characters, new spaceships and a new kind of storytelling.

Star Trek is mind expanding. A new Star Trek even more. When I saw the Star Trek movie in 2009 I had the same feeling of strangeness, joy and wondering I had when I watched Star Trek for the very first time. Maybe my first time Star Trek where more mind exploding dan expanding…

With Star Trek Discovery on the horizon I almost feel sad that anticipation of being in the twilight zone is only lasting 5 more days. Of course I could just wait a little bit longer to expand that experience. Maybe…

The name of the new series could not be better. Let’s make this one truly a new chapter of mind expanding Discovery.



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